Why Jews in Space?

“Shabbat on Mars” Original design by  Sefira  for Tech Tribe.

“Shabbat on Mars” Original design by Sefira for Tech Tribe.

Humans could live on Mars before the end of the century, and Silicon Valley plans on making it happen. These projects envision new paradigms of civilization and culture to emerge on Mars.

But how will niche cultures transport their identities to the stars? Will these bold visions for the future of humanity make a space for Jews to practice Judaism? Simply put: Is it good for the Jews?

Tech Tribe presents Jews in Space - a multimedia exploration of Jewish life on the Red Planet - in the hopes that humanity as a whole will begin to ask the big questions of life beyond Earth.

For nearly 2000 years, Judaism has served as a portable culture, taken and practiced through the diverse wanderings of the Jewish people.

Jews in Space uses this history as a backdrop to ask, what will Jewish life look like in space? How will our traditions, values and observances transfer to a new planet? Most importantly, what lessons can Jews living in Brooklyn learn and apply to their lives?

This blog is an ongoing attempt to explore these questions. We’ll post original content, updates about the Jews in Space art instillation at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, future events and fascinating links!